The Stolen Button

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Project Description

By Marianna Shek and Leila Honari

‘Hush!’ the gypsy cried. ‘There’s nothing to fear.

I’ll take your button in return for your passage home.

A navel’s neither an ear to hear nor an eye to see.

More a tip than a fee, don’t you agree?’

In a golden oasis, lived a Good Mother who raised a Wicked Daughter.

A truly, terrible girl.

Just the sort to fall for the gypsy’s trick.

The Stolen Button is a fairy tale picture book for older readers (recommended 10 +)

Where To Buy?

The Stolen Button will be available at selected book stores in mid-October.

Pre-order your copy now directly from this website

The Stolen Button Book Trailer from Marianna Shek on Vimeo.