Hometown Haunts

I hate social media posts that begins with 'It was an honour to be included ... (insert brag about the accolade, award, achievement that you want to tell people about under the guise of praising the talent of others)." It always seems to smack of insincerity, though that probably says more about what sort [...]



My short story Evolved was a response to a writing prompt 'Dinovember' by one of my favourite YA podcasts Cast of Wonders. The prompt asked writers to imagine what would happen if dinosaurs weren't wiped out and become the dominant species on earth. Every year, a bunch of animation students and some of the [...]


The Stolen Button

By Marianna Shek and Leila Honari ‘Hush!’ the gypsy cried. ‘There’s nothing to fear. I’ll take your button in return for your passage home. A navel’s neither an ear to hear nor an eye to see. More a tip than a fee, don’t you agree?’ In a golden oasis, lived a Good Mother [...]