Project Description

Goultown. The sort of place where kids could walk down the street in the middle of the night. Or accept sweets from strangers because strangers were just friends you hadn’t met yet. A place where grown-ups got tattoos of smiley faces and if kids graffitied, they were sure to do smiley faces too.

That was before the murders began. After Sally Ellerson drowns at the chocolate factory, you know there’s something weird going on. It’s time to take charge.

Choose Your Own Death is a path-picking adventure where every wrong turn unleashes an eldritch evil. If you don’t solve the mystery soon, the next death could be yours.

Recommended for young readers 9+

Where to buy?

From this website (Australia only) AUS$9.95 + $3.50 delivery
From brick and mortar bookshops! Mary Ryan’s (Milton), Angus and Robertson (Brisbane City), The Madhatter’s Bookshop (Manly)
For international purchases or online, try the Book Depository