Project Description

By Marianna Shek and Leila Honari

‘Hush!’ the gypsy cried. ‘There’s nothing to fear.

I’ll take your button in return for your passage home.

A navel’s neither an ear to hear nor an eye to see.

More a tip than a fee, don’t you agree?’

In a golden oasis, lived a Good Mother who raised a Wicked Daughter.

A truly, terrible girl.

Just the sort to fall for the gypsy’s trick.

The Stolen Button is a fairy tale picture book for older readers (recommended 10 +)

Where To Buy?

Order your copy now directly from this website ($24.99 plus shipping, within Australia only)

The Stolen Button is also available from Mary Ryan’s (Milton) and Dymocks (Indooroopilly).

I am trying my best to get The Stolen Button into more brick and mortar book shops. Please have patience! Alternatively, if you would like to pick up a copy from your local book shop, ask them to get in touch with me.

For our overseas customers, I love, love, love that you are interested in buying The Stolen Button. Unfortunately, shipping cost is prohibitively expensive. If you do not mind paying the postage, please send me an email to order the book (

The digital version of Stolen Button is also available through Amazons.